Earth Mama's Commitment to Integrity, Transparency & Sustainability

Organic & Non-GMO

Earth Mama’s mission to Do No Harm inspires and informs everything we do, including an unwavering commitment to radical transparency. Each organic product is either certified to the NOP or the NSF/ANSI 305 organic standards by Oregon Tilth. If it’s not certified, we don’t call it organic. But we still use as many certified organic ingredients as we can find. And if we can’t find an organic option, we make sure it is safe. READ MORE about Organic and Non-GMO certifications below.

Plastic Neutral

Removing as much plastic from nature as used by our company. That's our Plastic Neutral promise.

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Clean & Cruelty-Free

Earth Mama makes obsessively clean herbal care solutions that out-perform conventional products without worrisome chemicals that are known to harm people and the planet. READ MORE about NEA Seal of Acceptance, EWG Verified, and Leaping Bunny Certified below.

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Organic Impact

The benefits of using certified organic ingredients are far-reaching. Growing organic helps improve water quality, keeps carbon locked up in the soil, and reduces exposure
to persistent pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and GMOs.

Organic Certifications

We’re not organic because we say so, we’re organic because THEY do. If it says Organic or Non-GMO, always look for the name of the third party certifier on the label. Earth Mama’s organic certifier is Oregon Tilth (OTCO) and our Non-GMO Project Verified certification is conducted by third-party technical administrator FoodChain ID. We go through the wringer to bring our certified organics to you: it's an all-day, every day commitment. Because we think you deserve to know, not just because we say so.



USDA Certified 100% Organic products are allowed to use the USDA Organic Seal and the words “100% Organic” on the front label as the legal organic claim. If the product is one ingredient (like lettuce) it’s easy! But if the product is a blend of several ingredients (like Earth Mama’s herbal teas) each of the ingredients is required to be
certified 100% organic. If even one of the ingredients is certified only 99.99% organic, the 100% claim cannot be made. A third party certifier must be listed
on the contact panel.


If a product is USDA Certified Organic, 95-99.9% of the ingredients are certified organic. The product can legally use the word “Organic” and the USDA Organic Seal on the front label. Any non-organic ingredient must not be available as organic, and must be on the National Allowed List. This list does not allow GMO’s, prohibited substances, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, sewage sludge, or other potentially harmful ingredients. A third party certifier must be listed on the contact panel.



USDA Certified “Made with Organic” assures that 70-94.9% of the ingredients are certified organic. The word organic can be used in the claim “Made with Organic (insert up to three specified organic ingredients or groups)” but the USDA symbol is not allowed on the front panel. Any non-organic ingredient must not be available as organic, and the remaining ingredients must be on the National Allowed List. This list does not allow GMO’s, prohibited substances, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, sewage sludge, or other potentially harmful. Ingredients. A third party certifier must be listed on the contact panel.

NSF/ANSI 305 Personal care organic standard


Food regulations were designed for food: NSF/ANSI 305 was designed for products like soaps and lotions that contain non-food ingredients and require different manufacturing processes. The USDA’s NOP food standard does not allow for some of the raw materials necessary to make personal care products, so an appropriate standard was created. To be certified to the NSF/ANSI 305 standard, personal care products must contain 70% or more certified organic ingredients, and the remaining 30% of ingredients must be on the NSF allowed list. The organic claim is “Contains organic (insert ingredient)”. Products must be reviewed by an accredited independent third party certifier.

Certified by Oregon Tilth

All of Earth Mama’s organic claims are verified by Oregon Tilth, an independent third-party certifier. No blind trust necessary – just naked ingredient lists without empty

Non-GMO Project Verified

The Non-GMO Project is North America’s only independent verification for products made according to best practices for GMO avoidance. Ingredient compliance is vetted by FoodChain ID. While the USDA NOP Organic certification does not allow for GMOs, they also do not test for or certify to that standard. The Non-GMO Project does not assure that a product is organic.

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Leaping Bunny Certified

The Leaping Bunny Standard is a voluntary pledge that cosmetic, personal care, and/or household product companies make to clear animal testing from all stages of product development. Earth Mama’s ingredient suppliers make the same pledge. The result? A product guaranteed to be 00% free of new animal testing.

As a Leaping Bunny company, we are subject to independent audits and our commitment is renewed on an annual basis.

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EWG Verified

EWG Verified products cannot contain any ingredients on EWG’s “Unacceptable” list, which includes ingredients with health, cotoxicity and/or contamination concerns.  These products must also meet EWG’s standards for ingredient disclosure on the label; products with the VERIFIED mark are made by manufacturers that have been fully transparent with EWG about that product’s ingredients, including fragrance ingredients.

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National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance™

The National Eczema Association has awarded the Seal of Acceptance™ to Eczema Cream and Uber-Sensitive Mineral Sunscreen for passing the association’s rigid standards.

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All of Earth Mama's organic teas are also certified kosher by EarthKosher.

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Plastic Neutral

Removing as much plastic from nature as used by our company. That's our Plastic Neutral promise.

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Community Support

Earth Mama was founded by a nurse and herbalist who realized there was a need for effective baby washes, lotions and balms that worked without the need for concerning chemicals that could disrupt the endocrine system and irritate the brand new skin of infants. So she set out to combine traditional herbal remedies and evidence-based research to formulate products that are safe for the most fragile people on the planet – and she’s still doing that today!

Earth Mama Collective

It's one of Earth Mama’s foundational beliefs that mamas need one another, to cheer each other on through all the wild ups and downs of motherhood and life. Mama’s Bump Squad and The Mama Squad are unique communities of brand ambassadors at the heart of Earth Mama’s secret mission to lean into what all moms have in common. Building on the connection and support in the Earth Mama Collective app, the power of the collective to share their authentic experiences with the product line and help educate their audience about non-toxic alternatives, generating significant brand awareness and social media engagement across all platforms.

Community Partnership

Success Stories in the NICU

More than 8 years ago Earth Mama began joining forces with healthcare practitioners to replace conventional baby products with safer alternatives in response to increasing consumer demand.

One of our most successful endeavors has been the development of the WRAPO Diaper Protocol for Diaper Dermatitis with a veteran nurse NICU manager. The protocol continues to successfully decrease and help prevent neonatal suffering due to persistent diaper dermatitis in NICUs across the country.

Ingredients with Integrity

To this day, the personal care product industry remains unregulated, leaving busy
parents to take on the role of PI in their search for truly non-toxic skin care. Earth Mama’s goal is to help relieve that burden! Each product is mindfully formulated using research-based evidence with safe ingredients that have passed the test of time. No more researching day and night, or worrying about potentially hidden ingredients under the umbrella of terms like “fragrance.”

NEVER on the invite list:

Artificial Fragrance, Petroleum, Nano Particles, Steroids,
Synthetic Preservatives, Anti-Bacterial Chemicals, Sunscreen Chemicals

The components of “fragrance” do not have to be listed on personal care labels. It’s an ingredient that can legally hide thousands of various chemicals – from phthalates to artificial preservatives.

Earth Mama products contain organic essential oils that smell good, they do not contain fragrance.

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If there was a sunscreen-off between the two different kinds of sunscreen — mineral and chemical — we’d put our money on mineral every time.

The mineral in question? Zinc oxide. Here’s why: It’s a physical barrier, sitting on top of the skin and scattering, reflecting or absorbing harmful UVA and UVB rays. Way better than chemical sunscreens with potentially harmful ingredients absorbing into your body, right?

That’s what the FDA — and other top scientists — think. In fact, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are the only sunscreen ingredients labeled Generally Regarded As Safe and Effective by the FDA (you may have seen this referred to as GRASE).

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In our increasingly polluted modern world, it is important to do all we can to avoid increasing the toxin load in our bodies. More and more people are choosing to eat organically grown foods and drink clean water, and many people choose to use all natural skin care products as well.

While it is easy to understand why we should choose organically grown foods, just how important is it to avoid synthetic ingredients in body care products? An understanding of the nature of skin, and how ingredients in skin care products might actually penetrate the skin to be delivered into the blood stream, can help us see why, in my opinion, it is imperative we avoid synthetic ingredients at all costs.

READ MORE of this Earth Mama Blog post by by Karin Parramore, LAc, CH...