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One of Earth Mama’s foundational beliefs is that mamas need one another, to cheer each other on through all the wild ups and downs of motherhood and life. The Earth Mama Collective—Earth Mama Bump Squad and Earth Mama Squad—are unique communities of brand ambassadors at the heart of Earth Mama’s secret mission to lean into what all moms have in common. 

What makes the Earth Mama Collective so unique?  

Moms from all over the US, with different backgrounds and perspectives, come together to support each other through this journey of motherhood.  

Building on the connection in the Earth Mama Collective app, the Collective shares their authentic experiences with Earth Mama products and helps educate their audience about non-toxic alternatives.   

Want to join the Earth Mama Collective?  

Interested in sharing real mom-life tips, tricks, and experiences using Earth Mama’s good-for-all herbal care? Applications open three times a year! To be notified, make sure you’re following
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