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Whether you’re here after a marathon labor, ten-pushes-and-done, or a c-section, Earth Mama’s postpartum recovery products will help support you while you rest, heal, and connect with your newborn. We’ve got just the TLC you (and your nethers) need.

Postpartum Lying-in

Traditionally, "Lying-in" is the period of time for a postpartum mama to bond with her newborn, as well as rest and heal. Earth Mama’s free Lying-In Plan was created to help guide expectant mamas through thinking about their own healing, and to make the most of the postpartum rest time they have. Whether you have a few days, a week, or a month, prepare to make the most of your postpartum lying-in period so you can do the most important thing once baby arrives: heal and bond.

  • Organic Periodic Tea

    Postpartum Support in Your Mug

    Thoughtfully formulated with a blend of organic herbs traditionally used for postpartum support and to help ease symptoms of PMS and premenstrual cramping, Organic Periodic Tea is a comforting cinnamony-delicious hug in a mug. Steep for 5 minutes, then drink and get plenty of rest.

    Organic Periodic Tea 
  • Organic Skin & Scar Balm

    C-Section Warriors, Take Note

    Crafted with love and science and made with organic herbs and oils, cruelty-free Organic Skin & Scar Balm is here to help cheer your skin on as it does its heroic duty.

    Organic Skin & Scar Balm 
  • Organic Perineal Balm

    Cooling Comfort Down There

    Truth: Growing and giving birth to baby is magical, but it can do a number “down there.” Organic Perineal Balm helps provide lasting, cooling comfort for pregnancy and postpartum places.

    Organic Perineal Balm 


How to Use a Sitz Bath

If a sitz bath has been recommended to you for post-labor perineum soothing, episiotomy, or hemorrhoids, you might have a lot of questions, like how to use a sitz bath, or maybe even what it is. Read on, we’ve got lots of answers that can help.

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What Can You Do About Varicose Veins in Your Vulva?

— Bump Squad mama Audrey

"I had mild vulvar varicosities with my son, and they
just didn't go away after I gave birth. My OB told me there was nothing to be done until I was done having children. They really only bothered me when I was standing for long periods of time, and then it was just an achy heaviness."

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  • Postpartum Padsicles

    Take care “down there” with Organic Herbal Sitz Bath herbal compresses filled with organic herbs traditionally used to soothe and comfort “down there” during pregnancy or after childbirth. The compresses can be cooled and gently “tucked” to help ease those pretty places, or use the brewed infusion to make postpartum padsicles or use as a sitz bath.

    Organic Herbal Sitz Bath 
  • What is Perineal Spray?

    Herbal Perineal Spray is a clever little bottle of instant relief that provides a gentle mist that says to your vagina, “Hey, calm it down a little will ya?!” Respectfully, of course. Formulated with cucumber and witch hazel for some much needed “ahhhh.” Consider it your right-hand woman for postpartum recovery. She conveniently sprays upside down too, so no headstands required to get her working on that perineal soreness, episiotomy, or hemi².

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  • How To Use Perineal Balm

    The female body is a mighty and powerful thing. With all that strength and magic can come, well, some not-so-fun changes. Like maybe when you’re growing a baby you develop these rather unfortunate things called hemorrhoids. Or when that baby gets so big you think your vagina just might explode. (Don’t worry, it won’t). And when your heart is swelling as you hold that sweet babe in your arms after being a complete birthing rockstar, your vag and perineum are following right along.

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