Earth Mama Goes Plastic Neutral

Plastic Neutral

91% of world wide plastic waste is never recycled. Instead, it ends up in landfills or flushed into rivers and oceans. Since we made our first product 20 years ago, Earth Mama Organics has promiseto do no harm to the Earth and all its inhabitants. This hand-on-heart vow means we source Certified Organic raw materials and tirelessly research every ingredient for safety and efficacy.

Just as important as what goes into the product is the product packaging. While the growing plastic use is concerning, there are limited alternatives to plastic when it comes to packaging. Plastic doesn’t shatter, so it is safe for little fingers and slippery soap bottles. When recycled properly, plastic has a impressive lower environmental footprint. But unrecycled plastic waste poses a real threat to our future. We recognize there is still much more work to do to protect our planet. 

That is why we have partnered with rePurpose Global to become Plastic Neutral Certified. rePurpose Global is a coalition of conscious consumers and companies dedicated to reducing waste. Together, we calculate all the plastic used in Earth Mama’s products and operations. Then we fund the ethical recovery and processing of the same amount of plastic waste from our environment. Even better – rePurpose Global focuses on removing “low-value” plastic (like candy bar wrappers and snack bags) since these plastics are most likely to end up in the environment. 

Through our partnership with rePurpose Global, Earth Mama helps finance Project Sada Shakti in Bangalore, India. Project Sada Shakti recovers an equal amount of plastic waste from the local landscape, while providing waste workers an additional income stream and a dignified working environment. Project Sada Shakti not only helps provide additional income streams but also empowers workers with insurance, health & sanitation facilities. Combined with all the other projects, rePurpose Global community is able to remove millions of pounds of plastic waste from the environment annually, and empower 10,000+ marginalized community members across the globe.

Transparency is one of Earth Mama’s most important core values. It is essential that customers have visibility to every ingredient in Earth Mama products and understand how they impact wellbeing. rePurpose Global joins Oregon Tilth, the Non-GMO Project and Leaping Bunny in providing third-party oversight for our organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, cruelty-free, and now Plastic Neutral commitments.

We believe that how we treat the environment is just as important as how we treat our bodies. Becoming Plastic Neutral is just the first step toward a more sustainable future, and Earth Mama will continue to seek out packaging alternatives that are safe for changing tables and the planet. The more we know, the better empowered we are to make choices that safely nurture ourselves, our community, and our Earth.

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