Earth Mama Collective

Mama Squad 2.0

Jess G.

I’m a SAHM in DC with my little girl, Ada. She has very sensitive and rough skin, which led us on a journey to find the best and cleanest products for her skin. Enter Earth Mama! We found their baby wash at Whole Foods and never turned back.


Shannon W.

My name is Shannon and I am a mommy to the sweetest 4 month old baby boy! I am SO excited to be apart of the Earth Mama community! I am addicted to the Nipple Butter, it absolutely changed my pumping experience! 


Liana W.

I’m Liana, an SLP turned crunchy SAHM of two girls!! We live on Long Island + feel most at home on the beach. We spend our days learning and sharing about non-toxic living, which is how we stumbled into the earth mama products/community. From play to our plates, we’re doing the best we can do nourish our bodies every day.


Liz K.

I love being part of the Earth Mama Squad, the products meet my low-tox criteria for my family's sensitivities; plus, being a part of the mama squad has connected me with other like-minded mamas at the same point in their journey as me! It's a great community to be in!


Kennedy P.

Hi, I’m Kennedy, a mom of two girls under two! I live in central IL, and my favorite Earth Mama item is the lavender castile baby wash!


Marissa R.

I have been using earth mama for a little over 2 years now and the first time used the oh so lovely diaper balm, I KNEW I needed to try more products. I love that the products are non toxic the most because as a family of soon to be 6, living a low tox life is highly important to me and my family.


Julia A.

I fell in love with Earth Mama products while I was pregnant with my first baby in 2019 and have been hooked ever since! I love being able to connect with other moms who are also passionate about clean products for their families in the Mama Squad!


Kira G.

I'm a mom of 3 girls, and have the great title of being a twin mom! The Earth Mama Nipple Butter and Diaper Balm were my must-have products after having my babies, but now I love their lotions. All of my kiddos have sensitive skin, but never have issues with Earth Mama! I'm a also gardener, and budding "homesteader" adding chickens and bees this year to my life! On the journey to provide healthier and more sustaining options for our family, I have such an appreciation for Earth Mama's commitment to source organic products and keeping unnecessary ingredients out.


Nicole B.

I’m a first time mother to my beautiful son, Grayson. He’s been my inspiration to a cleaner way of living. We love sharing Earth Mama with our family, friends and new mamas!


Ashley K.

Hi!! I'm Ashley, a mama to two little girls. I’ve been using Earth Mama products since I was pregnant with my first! I’m so happy to be apart of an amazing community that offers clean products for my whole family. 


Deana E.

As a mama of two littles, clean products are number one for our whole family. With Earth Mama Organics since 2016, my whole family has the key to the magical medicine cabinet that brings us yummy teas, sunscreen, and clean tiny toes.


Lauren M.

I first found Earth Mama when I was pregnant with my firstborn. Belly Butter was a lifesaver for when my belly would get so itchy. Putting only the good stuff on your skin is important; after all, our skin is the largest organ of our body!


Stephani T

I'm an SLP, Space Force wife, and Catholic Mama to my little gentleman. Being his Mama brings me so much joy and we love sharing our joy with others! Earth Mama has taken amazing care of our sensitive skin and I find so much peace in not having to worry about the ingredients we are putting on us and in us.