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It's one of Earth Mama’s foundational beliefs that mamas need one another, to cheer each other on through all the wild ups and downs of motherhood and life. Mama’s Bump Squad and The Mama Squad are unique communities of brand ambassadors at the heart of Earth Mama’s secret mission to lean into what all moms have in common.

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    JESS G.

    I’m a SAHM in DC with my little girl, Ada. She has very sensitive and rough skin, which led us on a journey to find the best and cleanest products for her skin. Enter Earth Mama! We found their baby wash at Whole Foods and never turned back.

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    I'm Carmen, a first-time mama embracing the beautiful challenge of raising my amazing son Amari alongside my handsome man! My family means everything to me, and I am committed to providing them with the very best. Earth Mama Organics quickly became a household favorite of mine during my pregnancy - belly oil for the win! As a proud member of the Mama Squad, I look forward to being a part of a supportive community of like-minded mamas. 

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    LIANA W.

    I’m Liana, an SLP turned crunchy SAHM of two girls!! We live on Long Island + feel most at home on the beach. We spend our days learning and sharing about non-toxic living, which is how we stumbled into the Earth Mama products/community. From play to our plates, we’re doing the best we can do nourish our bodies every day.

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    LIZ K.

    I love being part of the Earth Mama Squad, the products meet my low-tox criteria for my family's sensitivities; plus, being a part of the mama squad has connected me with other like-minded mamas at the same point in their journey as me! It's a great community to be in!

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    GINA S.

    Hi! My names Gina and I’m 33 year old Mama to my two wonderful littles Amalia (2) and Angelo (3 weeks).  We live on Long Island with our cat Cookie! We spend most of our days cozied up, hello introvert! And love spending time with our families. I found Earth Mama during my second pregnancy while looking for all natural products to not only support my growing body, but my babies.  Their incredible lineup has taken the thinking out of knowing which products to use for my postpartum support, and carry over into caring for my kids. I am grateful and honored to be a part of the Mama Squad and I’m excited to dive in and share more!


    I have been using Earth Mama for a little over 2 years now and the first time used the oh so lovely diaper balm, I KNEW I needed to try more products. I love that the products are non toxic the most because as a family of soon to be 6, living a low tox life is highly important to me and my family.

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    JULIA A.

    I fell in love with Earth Mama products while I was pregnant with my first baby in 2019 and have been hooked ever since! I love being able to connect with other moms who are also passionate about clean products for their families in the Mama Squad!

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    KIRA G.

    I'm a mom of 3 girls, and have the great title of being a twin mom! The Earth Mama Nipple Butter and Diaper Balm were my must-have products after having my babies, but now I love their lotions. All of my kiddos have sensitive skin, but never have issues with Earth Mama! I'm a also gardener, and budding "homesteader" adding chickens and bees this year to my life! On the journey to provide healthier and more sustaining options for our family, I have such an appreciation for Earth Mama's commitment to source organic products and keeping unnecessary ingredients out.


    I’m a first time mother to my beautiful son, Grayson. He’s been my inspiration to a cleaner way of living. We love sharing Earth Mama with our family, friends and new mamas!

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    Hi!! I'm Ashley, a mama to two little girls. I’ve been using Earth Mama products since I was pregnant with my first! I’m so happy to be apart of an amazing community that offers clean products for my whole family. 

  • DEANA E.

    As a mama of two littles, clean products are number one for our whole family. With Earth Mama Organics since 2016, my whole family has the key to the magical medicine cabinet that brings us yummy teas, sunscreen, and clean tiny toes.

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    I first found Earth Mama when I was pregnant with my firstborn. Belly Butter was a lifesaver for when my belly would get so itchy. Putting only the good stuff on your skin is important; after all, our skin is the largest organ of our body!


    I'm an SLP, Space Force wife, and Catholic Mama to my little gentleman. Being his Mama brings me so much joy and we love sharing our joy with others! Earth Mama has taken amazing care of our sensitive skin and I find so much peace in not having to worry about the ingredients we are putting on us and in us.

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    I'm Ashley, mama of 2 littles. I have a 5 year old and an 18 month old. After my daughter was born, she was a NICU babe with a lot of health complications. I also had pregnancy complications, this is what started my deep dive to better safer products for my family. I came across Earth mama while she was a babe and tried the nipple butter and diaper cream. Now with my second I knew I wanted only clean products , starting out right away in the hospital bringing our own stuff! We have fallen in love with everything and now I share about it with anyone who will listen! The mama squad has been a wonderful community of mamas and I've met even a few friends that I've personally connected with. I am an advocate for safer product's, finding the root cause for my kids, NICU babes, and now on this journey of developmental delays. Earth Mama organics fits perfectly into our lifestyle! 

  • KATIE N.

    Hey friends! I’m Katie, crunchy mom to three! I’m a huge believer in natural, non toxic living. Earth Mama Organics was one of my first nontoxic switches when I first became a mama 5 years ago I’m an advocate for homebirthing after cesareans and I completely adore living this beautiful life and love helping others find the joys in all the little things :) I am a completely honored to be apart of this squad because it’s formed so many friendships that I sincerely cherish and am forever thankful for.

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    My name is Rachelle and I am a former CCMA in dermatology and a first time SAHM to a beautiful baby girl. Earth Mama has been essential in my motherhood journey, especially breastfeeding. My daughter has chronic eczema, so having products that are clean and trustworthy makes a huge difference. I am most excited about connecting with other mamas who share the same interests and goals.

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    MEGAN P.

    I’m Megan, SAHM to one amazing boy! :) I have been trying to live a nontoxic lifestyle for years now and am so grateful to have found Earth Mama! We tried the Diaper Balm, and the rest is history.

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    BREA S.

    Hi! I’m a Montessori Mom of two littles and wife of 4 years. My must have Earth Mama product is the Organic Peaceful Tea! It’s a perfect end of the night drink.

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    A little bit about me would be that I am a vegan since 2009. I like living a non-toxic natural lifestyle. I have one child at the moment and plan to have more in the future (but I'm getting old! I'm 38). My favorite Earth Mama product is probably the Castile soap and the Vegan Nipple Butter.


    Peds RN, Mom of three littles here in Erie, Pa, and a fan of all things holistic health and fitness! Been an avid believer and user of earth mama products for years, even before I had kids when I was on a healing journey from pcos and adrenal fatigue. My favorite products are the lady face stick, diaper balm, and periodic tea. Use them every day. Love being part of the mama squad, to be in a community of ladies trying to raise the next generation all while supporting and encouraging each other!

  • ERICA S.

    I’m Erica and blessed to be mama two my two amazing babies Jayden and Zoe! I was a part of Mama’s Bump Squad during my pregnancy with Zoe and we will forever be Earth Mama super fans! So grateful for these safe, clean + effective products we use every single day.

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    JAMIE B.

    I'm a mama to two amazing girls, who are so lucky to have their incredible dad at home raising them. I work full time in medical imaging at a small rural hospital on the Oregon Coast. We love the Earth Mama castile soap, butt cream and lotions. The nipple butter saved my bacon when I was nursing my oldest, and the Peace tea has been a staple for me for the past couple of years. Our family LOVES being outdoors, so lately we've been using (and loving) all the sunscreens. From a health standpoint, I'm so grateful to have these clean products for my girls' rapidly developing bodies. And the tinted sunscreen sticks aren't bad for me, either! ;)

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    GABBY R.

    I’m a wife and mama to 3 little people. I first fell in love with Earth Mama Organics a little over 5 years ago when I was gifted nipple balm! The best stuff I’ve ever used. I haven’t met a product of theirs I didn’t like! This mama squad is so knowledgeable, diverse, and encouraging. I’m so thankful to be a part.

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    FAITH F.

    I am a sourdough baking homemaker and stay at home mama, we are a fire family and spend our free time with family!

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    ALI S.

    My name is Ali. I am a wife, mama and pelvic floor physical therapist in Springfield, MO. I own my own pelvic floor PT practice called The 417 Female and I am passionate about holistic health, clean products and helping others on their health and wellness journey! I am so thankful to be apart of the Earth Mama family with others who have a passion to live clean and provide their families with safe options for their families!

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    Hi! I’m a mama to the sweetest little boy Theodore, and dog mama to his best friend Ziggy! I love being apart of the mama squad for the meaningful mama connections & community, and because I’m so passionate about clean, safe products for everyone (and their mother)! This community is part of what inspired me to become a postpartum doula and now I get to share my favorite products and give other moms the love & support filled postpartum experience everyone deserves!

  • SARAH G.

    Mom to three. (11, 6, 4) 
    Married to my high school sweetheart. Small business owner, with my husband. I love to cook, garden, and exercise. Sauna enthusiast. Passionate about living a less toxic lifestyle and passing the knowledge down to my own children. Favorite Earth Mama products - ALL of them honestly. I have had different favorites during my different seasons of motherhood. I use the periodic tea and red Raspberry Leaf Tea each month to help with my cycle and can't wait to teach my girls about it once they get older. The Lady Face sunscreen stick is also something I use daily. The medium/dark is what I use as my bronzer. Works well and stays put all day. 

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    Registered Nurse (NICU), Military Spouse and Mama of two sweet little wildlings. I’ve been a long time lover of all things Earth Mama, first discovering it in 2013 during pregnancy. We’ve been through so much together, as this was once again a line of nourishing products that served me well following a bilateral mastectomy for breast cancer at the young age of 38. it’s been an absolute joy to grow up with Earth Mama and as a child birth educator and postpartum doula, it’s the #1 brand of choice that I recommend to families I’m blessed to support. 

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    SARAH K.

    Hi! My name’s Sarah and I’m a 30-year old boy Mama to two vibrant souls Arlo, 4 and Ezra, 18m. My husband, boys, and I live south of Pittsburgh, PA with our adopted Aruban puppy, Olive. We love traveling, hiking, reading, and exploring together. I found Earth Mama while making a lifestyle switch to toxin free products. Their incredible lineup saved me during my first pregnancy and post partum, the company and Mama Squad supported me through loss, and then were there to make sure I was covered with everything I needed yet again before, during, and after my second pregnancy! I am honored to be part of the Mama Squad and so excited to share more about this incredible company!

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    I'm a stay at home + homeschooling mama of three littles. I'm a blogger, romcom screenwriter, yogi, and beach lover. I'm passionate about nontoxic products and fell in love with Earth Mama when I started using the teas spring my first pregnancy 6 years ago...been using these products ever since. I was part of Mama's Bump Squad during my most recent pregnancy and love this community of mamas!

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    Hi! I'm Katelyn, mama of two little ones and pediatric occupational therapist. I found earth mama when I was searching for non-toxic products during my first pregnancy and have been using them for the entire family ever since. From postpartum care to treating my son's eczema, to everyday hand washing, earth mama has been there every step of the way. I am grateful to now be a part of the Mama Squad to support others and share more about this wonderful company!

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    Hi, I’m Elaine! I’m a wife and mama to two littles! After having my first in 2018, I started my own motherhood + lifestyle blog and joined the mom community online. I also began my journey into discovering less toxic products and am so excited to have the best of both worlds with Earth Mama Organics!  

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    Hello my name is Marissa! I’m a first time mom of a one year old son. We love spending our days outside on walks or at the library. Clean products became really important to me when I became a mom and Earth Mama Organics makes accomplishing that easy!

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    My name is Courtney, and I am a stay at home mom of 3 boys! We love everything that has to do with being outside. I have been using Earth Mama products for the last 3 years now. I had learned about them when I was pregnant with my second son, and I fell in love with the products and the company. Low toxic lifestyle is very important to me, and I love knowing that these products are safe to use on my whole family. I am looking forward to continuing my journey with Earth Mama, and all of the likeminded mamas and sense of community!

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    Hi, I’m Melissa, part of Earth Mama’s Mama’s Squad. Self-Published Author and business owner of Bullies & Co, I recently had my first baby girl Emma Grey on July 3rd 2023! My husband’s name is Michael and we have two American Bullies named Clyde & Chase who now just got promoted to Emma’s fur brothers. I love the little family we created and we really love products made of quality for our daughter and that’s where Earth Mama comes in.

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    Earth Mama’s had my back since 2016 and I’m happy to have your back on tried & true recommendations. Through three pregnancies, years of breast feeding, and dozens of baby showers. Finding quality, effective holistic offerings has never been easier. These products are truly for everyone, and their mother.

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    MONET C.

    Hey friends! I’m Monet :) I’m married to my best friend and raising two more for us ;)After becoming a mom, I dove deeply into researching the best organic + nontoxic products for my family. Earth Mama has us completely covered, head to toe! I loved being apart of the bump squad and look forward to this journey with the mama squad. The diaper balm is what got me on board, the perineal balm saved my… life, and the herbal teas are my go to for a #mamaminute. So grateful for everything Earth Mama!
    xoxoxo Monet and The Cleveland Crew

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    MEGAN L.

    Hi! My name is Megan and I’m a mama to two sweet girls !! I love growing up with earth mama and using products that my girls not only love but their skin loves too!

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    Hi! I’m Aubrey a 24 year old mama of two (almost three!!) I first found earth mama when I was prepping for my first labor/ postpartum & I fell in love with the perineum balm & spray as well as the nipple butter. I now suggest them to every mama I know who’s expecting! Such good staples for postpartum. I’m so excited to be apart of the mama bump squad and get to know and interact with some mama friends who are in the same season of life as me!

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    ARIEL S.

    My name is Ariel :) I’m 30 years old, married and have two young boys. I absolutely love living a life of slow living and being non toxic and helping others on their journey as well! We just currently bought a new home on ten acres to turn into our homestead. We are so excited to grow our own food, enjoy nature and slow down a bit.

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    I'm a brand new mom to the sweetest baby boy, Gabriel! I was all about having a non-toxic home with clean ingredients, and now as a mom I'm even more cautious about it! Earth Mama is one of our favorites with their baby products. They're so safe and gentle, and it makes my mama heart so happy and relaxed. I'm totally hooked!

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    KALEI C.

    My name is Kalei and I’m a teacher, wife, and mama in OKC! I’m still in process of transitioning my home to low/non-tox and love finding companies I trust to be in my home!

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    Hi! I’m Sydney, a stay at home mom of 2 perfect little people. During my first pregnancy I really started looking into cleaner ingredients for my whole family. Thankfully, I found Earth Mama and fell in love with the diaper balm - and now I’m in love with all of the products. I enjoy sharing and educating my circle on better products for their bodies and households!

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    I am a mama to 4 amazing kids ranging from 6months to 12 years old. I am an award winning and published photographer that specializes in birth photography.

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    Hi, I’m Shelby!! I’m married to my high school sweetheart and raising our babies in the mountains. I retired my stethoscope and have opted to learn all things “home” since 2020 and haven’t looked back! My all time favorite Earth Mama product is the perineal balm (iykyk — if you don’t, then go find out)!

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    Karissa is a boy mama x 2, fire wife, and dog mom from Southern California. She is obsessed with the Lady Face SPF Stick and Throat Smoothie Tea (couldn't pick just one). She loves educating and empowering moms from pregnancy through the toddlerhood years via her blog, Mom After Baby. After using Earth Mama products all throughout her pregnancies and even postpartum recovery — she is so excited to be part of the Mama Squad to help share all their amazing benefits with more moms out there! 

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    GEMMA K.

    My name is Gemma and I just became part of the Mama Squad😊 My husband and I live in Pittsburgh, PA with our 16 month old son Gryffin. I am a SAHM, but Registered Nurse by trade. We are so excited to be a part of this amazing community.

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    Hey y'all, I'm Brittany! I am a wife to my high school sweetheart, Travis, and mama to our two boys, Callen and Cayden. We live in West Texas, I am a type 1 diabetic of 25+ years and a registered nurse. I started my clean, non-toxic living journey in 2020 thanks to one of my best friends, Kayla, and of course when the world sort of flipped upside down. Earth Mama Organics came into play prior to that full on journey during my first pregnancy and postpartum with Callen in 2018 and the rest is history! We will continue to use Earth Mama every single day and my favorite product is...everything!!! But I'll pick the Organic Skin & Scar Balm overall -a true lifesaver post cesarean (two times and will ALWAYS recommend it) and for everyday scratches, scrapes, etc - ya know, boy mama life! I've been part of the squad for over a year now and love having a little community to relate to, chat with, and be vulnerable to. We get you and we got your back!

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    HANNA T.

    Hi there! My name is Hanna and my husband and I, along with our 2 kiddos and one on the way, are living life on our homestead in Arkansas! I value organic products and try to live toxin-free and we use all natural, organic products. Earth Mama products are some of my top must haves!

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    Hi my name is Esmeralda, I am a 27 year old mama of three ages 4 and under, I am a homebirth doula, and I run my own business called Births at Home. I absolutely love Earth Mama products and am always recommending them to my clients especially the perineal spray and the nipple balm! However my personal favorite has to be the Red Raspberry leaf tea for its amazing taste!

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    Hi! My name is Ingrid. I'm a homeschooling mama of 3 little people and also a ballet teacher. Earth Mama has been part of my motherhood journey since the birth of my first child in 2016; the Nipple Butter was the gateway product for me and now I have so many favorites, it's hard to choose!

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    LANAE M.

    I'm a model, content creator and most importantly, a Mother. I was born and raised in Southern California and love exploring with my littles.

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    LEAH G.

    My name is Leah. I am a wife, mama, and pre/postnatal yoga instructor who loves all things health and wellness. We have been using Earth Mama since day one with our little girl and I am thrilled to be part of The Mama Squad. Our go-to, can't-live-without products are the Organic Diaper Balm, Sweet Orange Baby Wash and Baby Lotion!

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    MEGAN W.

    First time mama of a beautiful, independent 16 month old. I'm also a 5th grade teacher, love thrifting, watching movies, reading great novels, and spending time with the fam. 


    I'm Marissa! I am a 27yo work from home teacher/stay at home mom to a 10 month old baby girl. I'm also pregnant with out 2nd girl due in November! Earth Mama takes the guessing out of what is safe and what is not for my littles (and me!). We are a military family, so much of my mama friends are online! I love any community where I can meet women in the same season as I am. So happy to be in The Mama Squad!

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    I'm a stay at home/homeschooling mom of 4 girls. My journey with Earth Mama started after I delivered my first baby and realized how many bad ingredients were added to most baby and mom products. We love keeping our skin healthy with Earth Mama Organics!

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    Midwest Mama due with baby two end of August. My favorite products from Earth Mama are the Diaper Balm and Nipple Butter!

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    Hi! My name is Racheal P. and I am a first time mama to a seven month old!! We are so excited to be part of the Earth Mama Family!! I work very hard to ensure we only use organic, non toxic products in this household and couldn't be happier to have found Earth Mama.

  • SARAH W.

    Hi! I’m Sarah, mama to Violet & Iris! I found Earth Mama 7 years ago when I was pregnant with Violet, and fell in love with their belly oil, nipple balm, and sweet orange baby wash. Over the years we have continued to use a variety of the Earth Mama products & I love knowing they are clean & best of all - good for our bodies! As a mama & homebirth midwife I love recommending Earth Mama to friends, family & clients!