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Motherhood is one heck of a wild ride. And Earth Mama is here for every part of that journey, from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. Because no matter what has happened, you’re always a mother, and you deserve to be seen and acknowledged.

That’s why Earth Mama has something for every mother, including those who have experienced loss.

When Founder and Formulator Melinda Olson, a nurse and herbalist, formulated No More Milk Tea, a product that helps slow the production of breastmilk, she did so with stillbirth moms at the top of her mind. No mother should have to experience such a horrific loss, but then to have to endure the mental and physical pain of lactation is cruel.

Over the last twenty years, Earth Mama has added other products addressing the most difficult parts of motherhood, like Seeds of Hope and Healing Hearts Baby Loss Comfort Kit, as well as supporting the community of loss moms (and their loved ones) through thoughtful, vetted grief resources, online forums moderated by experts, and collaborations with organizations whose mission is to bring awareness to pregnancy and baby loss.

But now, with Earth Mama’s partnership with PUSH for Empowered Pregnancy, it feels as though these efforts to support mothers whose journeys took a different path are culminating in a movement that can help effect change.

PUSH for Empowered Pregnancy is on a mission to end preventable stillbirth, through education of both health professionals and the general public and advocacy, to help ensure that this important issue is addressed in a meaningful, widespread way.

As part of Earth Mama’s partnership with PUSH, it was clear that as many people as possible needed to know the eye-opening statistics surrounding stillbirth in the United States. And that many of these still babies might be with us today had the information to prevent some of these stillbirths been accessible to these families and their health professionals.

Together, Earth Mama and PUSH created this PSA, to share this impactful message with as many people as possible.

There’s so much work to be done, but thankfully, there’s a lot you can do to help, no matter where you are in your motherhood journey.

Your support of PUSH’s mission, through donations and information sharing could literally save lives. There’s no amount too small and no social media account too tiny for you to donate and share to when it comes to this important work and message.

Join us in helping end preventable stillbirth and breaking the silence. For mothers like Samantha, Elizabeth, Marny, Domenique, and Ana (The PUSH Executive Team), and their babies Alana, Aaliyah, Heath, TJ and Owen, who have channeled their pain into the ultimate gift: saving babies’ lives.
Baby Loss Support | Earth Mama
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