Healing Hearts Comfort Kit
Healing Hearts Comfort Kit
Healing Hearts Comfort Kit
Seeds of Hope
Healing Hearts Comfort Kit Rose Quartz
Light of My Heart
Organic Periodic Tea
Organic Peaceful Tea

Healing Hearts Comfort Gift Set

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The grief and pain from losing a baby is wholly unimaginable. Unless you’ve had to live it. It can feel unbearable at times, lonely and isolating. Even though it feels like no one will ever understand, sadly there’s an army of women who do. We wish we could wrap our arms around you. While we cannot physically be there, we want you to know you and your sweet angel baby are held in our hearts. We hope this set will help bring love, a little comfort and healing during grief.

Sometimes it's hard to know what to say. This might help

Light of My Heart Candle
A cherished aromatherapy blend of organic essential oils intended to soothe an aching heart.

Seeds of Hope
Scattering these seeds with great intention is like planting hope in the soil of grief.

Organic PeacefulTM Tea
Take one sip at a time and one day at a time. We’re holding you like hands on a warm mug.

Rose Quartz Heart
Rose quartz is comforting in times of grief and is said to promote deep inner healing. Carry it in your pocket when feelings of peace seem far away.

Organic Periodic Tea
While your heart is mending, make sure to support your body’s healing as well.

Asking for help is one of the greatest signs of strength. Take as much time and space as you need, and lean on those who love you for support.

For resources and ways to help a friend who has lost a baby, please visit our Grief Resources.