Does This Bump Make Me Look Pregnant?

Bump Squad mama Katie on sharing mama advice in her second pregnancy.

Does This Bump Make Me Look Pregnant? - Earth Mama Blog

It feels like 25 weeks of pregnancy have flown by quicker than I could have ever imagined. One day I have a positive pregnancy test and I’m teary eyed jumping up and down in joy, the next thing I know I blink my eyes and I’m almost two-thirds of the way through this journey, belly popping, nausea somewhat contained, and baby kicks abound.

My first pregnancy felt like it dragged on week by week, I was nose deep in every piece of literature I could get my anxious and eager hands on. I downloaded every baby app on the market, took bi-weekly bump pics in front of hand drawn chalkboards that detailed every exciting revelation of the week. I was meticulous about my diet and the amount of exercise I got, cut out caffeine and sushi (oh how I dream of sashimi), of course no wine, no hot tubs, and only the purest vegan prenatal vitamins.

My first pregnancy I suffered BIG time from vomiting and nausea (I refuse to call it morning sickness because that name doesn’t even touch the tip of the iceberg.) I had massive weight gain from water retention because I was so sick. I’m talking almost 70lbs of weight gain. My body was so anxious to hold onto anything that it could because there was no telling what would set off my newly gifted blood hound nose, and mechanically irritable stomach. Don’t think I didn’t try and soak up every piece of sage wisdom and advice I could get when it came to soothing my poor stomach. I was going through maximum strength Tums like candy, ginger tea and candies, lemon water, Gatorade and crackers on my night stand... I was miserable. I literally became so intimately close with my toilet (which has never been cleaner than during that time,btw) that I had mastered the "proper form" like an athlete when it was time to hurl (so that it wasn't coming out of my nose.) Gross, I know. I've been in the trenches my friends. If you're there or you can remotely relate to this process, I'm holding up my Hunger Games salute in solidarity, sister.

It wasn’t until halfway through my last trimester that my cousin turned me onto Earth Mama's Organic Morning Wellness Tea. I don't know what it specifically was - if its the magical unicorn fairy dust that they sprinkle over the little tea bags just before they're shipped out to desperate mamas or what - but they work! Once I got my hands on my first box, I became a serious believer. Nothing had worked for me up to that point, except these tiny little sachets that I would soak in hot water. I remember the first time I skeptically tried it (because hey- what else did I have to lose at that point?) and I didn't feel the urge all morning come creeping over my neck that had been sending me running to the restroom for months. I could finally start eating small meals and holding them down! I soon started telling everyone about "my miracle in a box" and I was hoarding it in my kitchen cupboard. I'm not going to lie and say that my nausea and vomiting completely disappeared all at once, like poof! But, it was so considerably better that I could feel like a semi-functioning member of society again (because let's be real, I was half way through my third trimester, feeling - and probably looking - like Violet from Mr. Wonka's chocolate factory.)

Does This Bump Make Me Look Pregnant? - Earth Mama Blog

Flash forward now 2 and a half years later, I'm due with my baby girl in September, and this go around I am MUCH better prepared for the worst. I've also been turned on to Earth Mama's Morning Wellness Body Wash - which holy cow, I don't care if I'm pregnant or not but where has that been all of my life?! Its got this orange ginger wake me up thing going on, and it gives me a slice of sanity before my morning rush hour (which starts before I even hit the road.) And as if Earth Mama hasn't been in my mind enough, they also have a Morning Wellness Spray that I carry around in my purse for emergencies. You know the ones, weird coffee house smells that would normally attract but right now couldn't turn you off more, or the random smelly cat lady in line behind you at check out, or the waft of air from the public restroom for those frequent pee breaks - I just whip out my little bottle, spritz my wrists and neck, and inhale. The little aromatherapy escape plan works every time. I pinky swear.

These are things that I feel obligated to pass down to all of my friends who are now preggo with me - (seriously, there was something in the water that week because we're all due around the same time.) Baby showers are a great time to buy diapers and cute little clothes, but this is the stuff that Mama really wants. You'll be her hero and get extra baby cuddles when the little bundle of joy arrives.

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