Introducing Mama's Bump Squad 2.0!

Introducing Mama's Bump Squad 2.0!

Introducing Mama’s Bump Squad 2.0, our second group of adorable pregnant women all due around the same time. These smart mamas are all on a path to safer products and they want to share their experiences during the glorious – and sometimes uncomfortable, itchy, achy and anxious – journey of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum too. Earth Mama invites you to follow along their journeys as their miraculous bumps grow!


Hi! I'm Katie and I live a pretty extraordinary life! I'm a full time mama and wife (to my sweetheart.. We hit our 10 year milestone this year!! ::Happy Dance::) but people usually are more interested in my professional life. I wear a few different hats as a professional model, actress and photographer; and there's never a dull moment. I've brought my spunky 2 year old "Baby G" along with me to every casting and shoot since he was a little 6 week old, and truthfully he's every bit his mama's son - a charismatic, camera ready, ham sandwich, studio baby.

To our merry band of misfits' joy, we are expecting baby #2 this September! My husband and I love kids and we're thrilled to be growing our family. We also love to travel together; last year alone, we got to visit 5 countries!

I've always been interested in a greener lifestyle, but since becoming a mom I'm pretty darn conscious of everything I put on our skin, in our bodies, and anything we use at home that may toxic - which makes me the resident barefoot hippie of my group, (a title I wear proudly!) Come say hi over @TheKatieDeLuca

Katie's due date is 9/24/18.


Hi! I am Emilia, a mother of 3.5 old twin boys, a 1.5 old little man and... a FOURTH little gentleman due late this September. I am living the Southern California dream with my fire fighting, college sweetheart husband (going on 15 years together!) and my soon to be crew of #4under5. As a part-time high school special education teacher, I have LOTS of time at home with my family and I wouldn't want it any other way!

Aside from being a home boss, I also have a passion for health and fitness and have been teaching classes/training for the past seven years. I am a total eco-mommy who’s purpose in life is to raise kind, compassionate, accepting and eco-conscience young men. I share my love for life on my blog, Thriving Wives, and hope to help everyone "strive to thrive".

I am living that HypnoBirthing, VBAC owning, breastfeeding, baby-wearing, essential oil loving, cloth diapering dream for the past 5 years...and counting!

Emilia's due date is 9/27/18.


Hi, I'm Tarah! I  am 36 years old and live in New Albany, IN with my husband and two boys (I was born a Florida girl, so I am always trying to get us back to a warmer spot). Avery is almost five, Norrin will be two in September, and now I am pregnant with our third, who will be here in October!

I stay home with my boys, but I do use nap time to try and get a little work done each day. I went back to school a few years ago and received my Master of Science in Health and Nutrition Education. I don't have tons of time to focus on my work right now, but I do some freelance health writing, publish articles on my own site (, and I am finishing up two books that are all about helping families get more real food into their homes.

Tarah's due date is 10/26/18.


Hello, my name is Kayawna, 26, I’m in pursuit of finishing my Bachelors degree online in Alternative Medicine December 2018. With plans to further my education as a Naturopathic Doctor next fall. I’m a stay at home mom currently. My husband and I live a plant based lifestyle - we research everything. This is our second unassisted pregnancy and birth that will be at home. I plan to tandem breastfeed my 22 month old son while pregnant. Super excited to be a part of the Mama’s Bump Squad community and have your support this pregnancy. Thank you!

Kayawna's due date is 10/28/18.


Hey y’all! I’m Emily Pardy. I live in Nashville, Tennessee with my husband Josh and 3 daughters: Matilda (8), Daphne (6), and Vivian (2). We suffered a miscarriage in January, and are thrilled to be expecting a rainbow baby due in November! I look forward to sharing this pregnancy and getting to know the other moms as well. I always get HUGE with my babies, and it never fails to make me laugh when strangers stare at my belly! Haha! This baby will be my fourth c-section, and I love to encourage other moms who also share a cesarean birth story. I’m grateful to join this group, as motherhood changed my life so much I decided to build my career around it! In 2015, I had my first book published, a motherhood memoir called For All Maternity. That same year, I completed my Masters in Marriage & Family Therapy; and, in 2016 founded Ready Nest Counseling, a private practice that helps couples and individuals successfully transition through the life phases of conception, pregnancy, postpartum, infertility, or loss. I love bringing awareness to this stage of life, build community, and remind myself that this journey doesn’t have to be a lonely road!

Emily's due date is 11/25/18.


Hi, I’m Misty, a.k.a. The Maternal Hobbyist. I’m a wife of six years, and more recently, a stay at home Mama, located in Chicago. We have a beautiful daughter who just entered her terrific twos, along with her sidekick, our French bulldog, Jax.

From the time I was pregnant with my first, I dreamed of sharing educational crafts and creative arts with my little partner in crime. The opportunity to share my love of creativity with my daughter is everything for which I hoped. With baby number two on the way, not only am I prayerfully refining my skills as a mother, but I’m now looking forward to exploring and creating in new ways. My passion has always been to share my gifts and to hopefully inspire others along the way.

Misty's due date is 11/28/18.

Stay tuned for more announcements as Mamas Bump Squad grows!