Alternative Uses for Earth Mama Products

Alternative Uses for Earth Mama Products


So you’ve got half a jar of Organic Nipple Butter left, huh? Wondering what should you do with it? Customers have reported many clever “off the box” alternative uses for Earth Mama® products.

Organic Diaper Balm

Is a multi-tasking medicine cabinet must-have for the whole family, from knee boo boos to newly pierced places to athletically inclined toes!

Sweet Orange Baby Lotion

Extra sensitive types of all ages profess their love for Sweet Orange Baby Lotion! Some mamas tell us they secretly use this for a daily facial lotion, extra dry and angry skin, and even bumpy bits that make you bok bok bok. 

Calendula Baby Oil

Use it to make your own DIY Diaper wipe solution, as a light and moisturizing hair oil, for flaky baby scalp and to help soothe diaper area too. It also makes a surprisingly effective beard oil for the guys in your family. Oh, and don't forget about face washing with the oil cleansing method too!

Booby Tubes

Heat and cold can be used for everything from sore muscles and that time of the month to aching ears and bellies, and Booby Tubes have even been used to keep a lunch cool!

Organic Skin & Scar Balm

Formulated especially for C-Section scars and stretch marks, this balm is beloved for existing scars, breakouts and minor burns too.

Earth Mama Castile Baby Wash

A perfect match for your DIY diaper wipe solutions and a super simple and safe household cleanser, the best for plain old hand washing too!

Organic Nipple Butter and Vegan Nipple Butter

The soothing organic balm is a naturally safe breast pump lube and soothes dry skin from cuticles to heels. But wait, there’s more! It moisturizes new tattoos too!

Herbal Perineal Spray

Spritz the cooling cucumber mist after sun, as a facial toner or after shaving – cools bugged out skin when you’re camping too!

Organic Heartburn Tea

Soothing tea goes in, soothing tea goes out – and everything in between get some comfort! Formulated for pregnancy with herbs traditionally used to relieve occasional heartburn, acid reflux, and indigestion. Feel free to tell your dad.

Organic Ginger Nausea Tea

Pregnancy nausea isn’t so special, this tea can be used by our less pregnant friends as well! Brew up a pot during flu season and carry a bag in your purse for traveling.

Organic Peaceful Tea

Everyone gets cranky, so serve it up for the whole family! And here’s a neat trick for teething baby gums: soak a very clean washcloth in brewed tea, lightly wring out and twist, then put the cloth in the freezer. When baby is fussy, chompy or teething, they can chew on the cloth for relief.

Organic Third Trimester Tea

These very same herbs that help with third trimester prep can also help with leg cramps – pregnant or not!