Earth Mama Mini Deodorant 4-pack


Four flavors in one box! Earth Mama’s mini deodorants are travel-savvy and squee-cute. Pop one in your purse, the diaper bag, your gym bag or stuff ‘em in stockings with a falala – they are just that good. You get all four flavors in one fun-filled box! Refreshing ginger-lime GingerAid Deodorant, tangerine-y Bright Citrus Deodorant, naturally unscented Natural Non-Scents Deodorant, and fresh, soothing Calming Lavender Deodorant.

Think you're too sensitive for natural deodorants with baking soda? You got another think comin’! This formula was made for extra sensitive skin with the perfect balance of baking soda and magnesium. Just enough to work, not enough to hurt.

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What goes on goes in

Your skin soaks it all in.
So toxic ingredients in deodorant?
That’s a hard no.

- Wash underarms well, dry thoroughly, apply your new favorite deodorant.
- Formulated especially for pregnancy, breastfeeding, sensitive skin and YOU!
- NO artificial fragrance (or natural fragrance, or botanical fragrance, in fact NO F word at all! Just organic essential oils that smell great.)
- NO propylene glycol, artificial fragrance, parabens or aluminum
- Dermatologist tested and clinically tested for irritation
- Better than natural – organic! NSF/ANSI 305 certified by Oregon Tilth in fact.
- #LoveYourLymphNodes #NoFword

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Written by Hannah DeVries on Dec 15th 2017

Earth Mama Deodorant

I bought the mini pack Black Friday weekend. I haven't tried them all yet but am LOVING the GingerAid one. I've tried a plethora of different deodorants and your's FAR surpasses any of them!! Thank you for an awesome product.

Written by Marissa Vicario on Dec 13th 2017

Earth Mama Deodorant

I’m a firm believer that what goes ON, goes IN! Over the past several years I’ve transitioned my skincare, makeup and home cleaning products to mostly natural organic brands, but my deodorant has been one of the last to go. Finding a deodorant that stands up to my active lifestyle wasn’t easy but I may have hit the jackpot with Earth Mama Organics!

Written by Sarah S. on Nov 27th 2017

Earth Mama Deodorant

I love the deodorant. I have had issues with other coconut oil deodorants being too greasy and ruining my clothes. I’m 2 days into the Earth Mama minis and so far they are great. Keep putting out more great products!