Why IS It Always the Diaper Balm? (What to Do if Your Baby Eats Some Organic Diaper Balm!)

Why IS It Always the Diaper Balm? (What to Do if Your Baby Eats Some Organic Diaper Balm!) - Earth Mama Blog

Help! My baby ate some Organic Diaper Balm!

You know how it is with toddler diaper changes; it’s all squirm and curiosity, baby never sits still long enough for the desperately needed fresh one. So when your inquisitive baby grabs for the Organic Diaper Balm jar, you eagerly hand it over hoping to buy enough distraction to secure the diaper. But just as your eyes leave the changing table for the millisecond it takes to deposit the old diaper, your intrepid little safecracker has managed to open the jar and spread diaper cream from top to toes, and of course directly in your precious baby’s mouth! Yikes! Better call Earth Mama!

We receive the “My baby ate some Organic Diaper Balm” call from mamas so often it has its own code: Balm911. And we always say the same thing, “We’re not worried.” But we’re glad you are: any time your baby ingests something that wasn’t formulated to be eaten you should call Poison Control immediately. It’s a good practice.

Earth Mama protocol for those Balm911 calls goes like this: Get the caller’s name. Wait 20 minutes. Call them back to find out what Poison Control said. Log the event. Document the findings. And then celebrate with the reassured mama that all is well!

How can we be so confidently reassuring? Because in all the times we’ve taken this same exact call, we’ve never, ever heard anything from Poison Control other than “your baby may have a little loose stool” or “your baby’s going to have great breath.” And “no problem, no worries.”

No Worries, It's Just What We Expect and Here's Why

  1. We planned for this! This is EXACTLY why Safety is Earth Mama’s very first priority. And the very reason we think it’s so important that every ingredient be listed on each and every label.
  2. Poison Control knows what’s safe. Plus we really enjoy hearing from relieved mothers who have been assured that it will be fine, no worrying necessary.
  3. The herbs and oils in Organic Diaper Balm have been used for centuries, and we use time honored plant wisdom backed with evidence-based research to make sure everything we formulate is the safest it can be.
  4. We’re not worried.
  5. Really. Not even a little.

We are happy to be able to make light of this, but we take it to heart that we have tremendous responsibility to make products that are safe. Calls like this keep safety in the front of our minds, every single day. Yes, an Earth Mama product needs to work. But first of all it needs to be safe. Because if a baby eats it, we’re going to get a call. But why is it ALWAYS Organic Diaper Balm? That we don’t know.