What goes ON goes IN

Not everything you put on your skin goes in, but some ingredients DO go transdermal. What does "what goes on goes in" mean?

What goes ON goes IN - Earth Mama Blog

Think about medicated transdermal patches...

A medicated adhesive transdermal patch is placed on the skin to deliver a specific dose of medication through the skin and into the bloodstream.

Size Matters

The key to transdermal absorption is size – molecules that are small enough can pass through skin. Some ingredients that are commonly used in personal care products are small enough to enter the bloodstream. So do you know which? It would be great if you could know, right? But you have to have a lot of time to do research, or be a molecular biologist, to know for sure. And if some ingredients are not disclosed (like what’s really in fragrance) you can’t even research like a boss, because you can’t know what’s in there. 

Some ingredients carry big concerns, like preservatives and many of the components that hide in fragrance. So at Earth Mama we err on the side of safety, and assume that whatever we are formulating is going to go ON and IN (and also into baby’s bloodstream).

Want to know more about transdermal properties, molecules and ingredients? Here’s more: Skin Care Products – How Much Gets In?

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