GMOs and Lanolin in My Nipple Cream? No Thanks!

GMOs & Lanolin in My Nipple Cream? No thanks.

Organic Nipple Butter and Vegan Nipple Butter were the first lanolin free, Non-GMO Project Verified nipple cream too. Wondering why?

Do I need to worry about GMOs in nipple cream? And what’s wrong with lanolin? We hear these two great questions from mamas all the time. You'd think the answers would be straightforward, but it's just not that simple.

GMOs and lanolin can be a hidden source of chemicals in your nipple cream. And since an awful lot of what you put ON your skin actually goes IN, it's very important to choose carefully.

What's so important about using a non-GMO nipple cream?

GMO crops have built-in herbicides (Round-up Ready). For over twenty years Monsanto has claimed that this proprietary weed killer is safe. But a host of recent studies have linked Roundup and glyphosate to an alarming number of diseases threatening animal and human health; including obesity, infertility, cancer, celiac disease, gluten intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome, autism and Alzheimer’s Disease. Also, we now understand that it is inside our bodies. More importantly, it is entering the bodies of our newborn children through breast milk. (Source: A New Resistance)

What's wrong with using lanolin nipple cream?

Lanolin comes from sheep sebaceous glands and is known to cause sensitivity in some mamas and babies. Even more worrisome are the pesticides used on their woolly coats to kill mites and parasites. And to top it all off, commercially processed lanolin is harvested by chemically scouring the wool, so all of these chemicals can leave residues in the finished product. Yuck!

That's why Earth Mama's Organic Nipple Butter and Vegan Nipple Butter were so carefully formulated and certified by Oregon Tilth, and why it's Non-GMO Project Verified too.

GMOs and Lanolin in My Nipple Cream? No Thanks!


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