Celebrating 20 Years of Growing Up With Earth Mama

Birth is beautiful, painful, and sometimes complicated. Then comes the love, pride, and incredibly hard work it takes to raise those tiny humans. Earth Mama’s journey through two decades of beautifully messy growth has all of this, and more. Mamas let little pieces of their hearts live inside their babies to help them grow. Melinda is Mama, the original Earth Mama. What you might not know is she puts her heart into every single thing, every person, she touches. And that’s where this story all begins.

This year, we’re celebrating 20 years of growing up with Earth Mama. Over the last two decades, we've earned the trust of millions of moms with the solemn promise to Do No Harm, to empower with education, and to honor the traditional herbal wisdom of our ancestors. What’s old is new again (we see you Gen Z and we like the way you think). Making the choice every single day to care for people’s babies as if they were her own is what Melinda did then, and as a mission-based company, it’s what we still do today.

The company started out in Melinda’s home in 2002, with self-grown herbs, plant wisdom and a passion to solve problems using the safest, most effective ingredients possible. But that’s not really where the story began…

Rise with the sun? Ha! In the long journey to become an herbalist, you’d find Melinda up when the sky was still dark and working until she couldn’t feel her fingers. It took years of dirty nails, research and long days spent cultivating life-changing knowledge of medicinal herbs to begin formulating the very first organic tinctures, teas, soaps and balms for family and friends. As a mother, nurse, and herbalist, she knew the world was ready for something different.

20 years later, Earth Mama has outgrown its first home several times over. Melinda is still the heart of the company – the warm hug and the master truthteller. Who else could wear the angel wings better? That’s why every single product is formulated to solve a problem using generations of traditional herbal wisdom and evidence-based research. Yep, Melinda formulates all the products you know and trust, even now, with love and transparency. You’ll still find her getting her nails dirty in the herb garden too.

Melinda's Herb Garden

It turns out that we don’t need to look further for modern solutions than the clean, simple way our ancestors used plants to take care of themselves and their families! And Earth Mama always goes the extra mile to make sure it’s safe and effective. That’s a promise. We're grateful to all of you who've been part of our first 20 years; and those who will come along for the next.

Motherhood is one wild ride.

Celebrating 20 Years of Growing Up with Earth Mama
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