Organic Perineal Balm


Now 100% organic! Truth: Growing and giving birth to baby is magical, but it can do a number “down there.” If we could write a vajingle for this salve — and play it every time you open this jar — we would. But we can’t, so we’ll say this: effective Organic Perineal Balm helps provide lasting, cooling comfort for pregnancy and postpartum places. And remember, your body WILL go back to normal — a new normal, but normal nonetheless. Promise.

Organic Perineal Balm is made with organic herbs and oils the way herbalists make it, with an exclusive blend of organic witch hazel, lavender, peppermint and other like-minded botanicals traditionally used to soothe, cool and provide relief “down there” before and after childbirth.


Store in the refrigerator for extra cooling, apply 2-3 times a day — and you'll be sitting pretty in no time.



- Dermatologist tested and clinically tested for irritation.
- NO petroleum, parabens or artificial fragrance.
- The only non-vegan ingredient? Organic beeswax — that’s been ethically sourced in a bee-centric manner.
- Rated ONE on the EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, the lowest hazard rating a product can achieve.
Use with Organic Herbal Sitz Bath and Herbal Perineal Spray for even more soothing comfort.
- Making postpartum padsicles? Grab a box of Organic Herbal Stiz Bath and follow Earth Mama’s DIY easy steps here!
- Wondering what else to use Organic Perineal Balm for? Find other "off the box" alternative uses here!


Organic Olive (Olea Europea) Fruit Oil, Organic Shea (Butyrospermum Parkii) Butter, Organic Beeswax (Cera Flava), Organic Jojoba (Simmondisia Chinesis) Seed Oil, Organic Lavender (Lavandula Angustifolia) Flower Oil, Organic Peppermint (Menta Piperita) Leaf Oil, Organic Witch Hazel (Hamamelis Virginiana) Leaf Extract, Organic St. John’s Wort (Hypericum Perforatum) Extract, Organic Calendula (Calendula Officinalis) Flower Extract, Organic Yarrow (Achillea Millefolium) Flower Extract


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Written by Kate on Jul 28th 2018

Life saver in more ways than one

My doula recommended this product to me after the birth of my first son. I had a horrible tear and also was extremely amnemic so my doc had me on iron, which led to EXTREME constipation and hemorrhoids. This product helped heal my bum so well. The OTC drugs did not. Now, halfway through my second pregnancy I've already developed constipation and had a hemorrhoid, but use this stuff again and it headed my bum for the second. This wI'll definitely be in my birthing bag for when #2 makes an appearance.

Written by Erin R. on Jul 16th 2018

Organic Perineal Balm

Thank you for creating wholesome products that actually work. As a mama-to-be, I am already looking for products that will help me post-baby. I'm so glad I found your company. I was given one of your products as a gift early on in my pregnancy and loved it. So, now that I'm in my 3rd trimester, one night I discovered one of the unpleasant symptoms of pregnancy that occurs down south. I immediately thought of your company and did some research. I bought the perineal balm and oh my goodness! Ya'll are awesome at what you do. In just 2 days I've noticed such a difference. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I can't wait to try more of your products.

Written by Celina Leach on Jun 4th 2018


Honestly, this product is amazing! When I had my second baby last month, they had to give me an episiotomy in the exact same place I had with my first pregnancy. As anyone who has had one or has had tearing knows, this is *not* something you recover from without some pain, swelling and some major discomfort. Enter "perineal balm"...OMG... Instantly soothes and cools the area, taking away pain, itch, and feels almost numbing. Such a sweet relief. Will definitely be buying again if we have another baby, and for friends/family at future baby showers.

Written by Dan D. on Apr 5th 2018

Organic Perineal Balm

A naturopath recommended this for me (Adult MALE with occasional flaring of hemorrhoids). It has worked very well and I have felt better about using it vs the OTC chemical laden garbage at the local drug stores! You may want to market this for just for hemorrhoids for women AND men too. I would have never tried this in a million years until a Dr told me to try it!

Written by Marlise on Jan 9th 2018

Heaven sent

My little one arrived a week early so I didn't have this immediately after. I wish I had this jar of goodness sooner, because the hospital spray and pads can't touch the glory it bestows on your sore/swollen lower parts. 3rd degree tears, and I feel like I am in heaven now. Worth every penny!

Written by Alicia on Dec 21st 2017

great product

This stuff worked great for hemorrhoids that I experienced both while pregnant and postpartum. It has a great, subtle scent and feels amazing. I never did try it out on my healing tear, but I'm sure it would have felt great on that too!

Written by Jessica on Dec 17th 2017

No longer vegan!

I was SO disappointed when I read the ingredients and saw that the new formulation contains bees wax, while the old formula used candelilla wax. One of the reasons I loved your brand was because it was vegan, but I have been noticing that the new products in the new packaging are no longer considered vegan, as they all seem to have beeswax. I am so sad that I will have to find alternatives and I'm praying the c-mama balm doesn't change also! Please bring back your old formulas! -------------------------------------------- Earth Mama HQ response: We know, we hear you and we love our vegan customers. We loved our candelilla balm formula too. Whenever we have a chance to make a product more organic we make that choice. We’ve chosen certified organic beeswax to replace candelilla wax, which is not available as a certified organic product. This makes the balms even more organic. We still do have many vegan products available! <3

Written by Amy on Nov 13th 2017

Love it

I used this just last month after having a vaginal birth with my new baby girl. Absolutely loved it cooling and lasts a while. I had heard this was a must have product for post partum and it totally is. I will buy this for anyone having a baby.

Written by undefined on Aug 19th 2017

warning, peppermint oil can cause pain

I do not recommend this product for your sensitive bottom after having a baby, due to the painful burning sensation I got which I believe is from the peppermint oil. If it didn't have the peppermint oil I'm sure it would be wonderful. ---------------------------------------------- Earth Mama HQ response: It is extremely rare that we hear of someone having a reaction to Mama Bottom Balm, and we hope your nethers feel better! Though the ingredients are clinically tested for irritation that doesn't mean there isn't something in it that you are sensitive to – the peppermint that is a cooling sensation for most could be intense for a few. Every Earth Mama product is guaranteed so please return it where you purchased it, and please note the ingredients as you shop for other products.

Written by @nurse.pump.repeat ~ via Instagram on Aug 10th 2017

Mama Bottom Balm

For more than just butts! After lathering up two children and a husband in sunscreen I totally forgot myself and burnt my neck and shoulders. It was so painful! I rubbed some of this in right after and the next morning and it helped so it didn't even peel!