Organic Peaceful Mama Tea


Truth: it’s ok to slow down. OK? Serene and citrusy Organic Peaceful Mama Tea is formulated with chamomile and herbs traditionally used to help promote a sense of calm, relieve occasional anxiousness, ease tension and promote sleep. With oatstraw, calming chamomile, and a hint of red raspberry leaf and orange peel for a nice, bright citrusy vibe. Peaceful and soothing for anyone who needs to chill: Pregnant ladies, stressed out dads, or rambunctious kids. Best served with a couple of good, deep, cleansing breaths.



- Relaxing Citrus Chamomile Herbal Tea to Help Support Anxious Mamas-To-Be*
- USDA Certified 100% Organic by Oregon Tilth
- Non-GMO Project Verified
- Certified Kosher by EarthKosher
- Each teabag comes wrapped in individual packaging — so you can take a single bag on the go. And if they've spent a few weeks living at the bottom of your diaper bag...well, they'll still be good.
- Having a day? We get it. That's why each tea bag has its own little love note from us to you.
- Is it formulated to use while breastfeeding? Yes!
- How many cups can I drink a day? 1-3 cups per day. Always check with your herb-knowledgeable healthcare provider to find out what’s best for you. 
- Wondering what else to use Organic Peaceful Mama Tea for? Find other "off the box" alternative uses here!
- RECIPE: Peace On Earth Celebration Cider with Organic Peaceful Mama Tea!

Organic Lemon Balm (Melissa Officinalis) Leaf, Organic Chamomile (Matricaria Recutita) Flower, Organic Oatstraw (Avena Sativa), Organic Orange (Citrus Sinensis) Peel, Organic Red Raspberry (Rubus Idaeus) Leaf


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Written by Jennifer Brown on Aug 23rd 2018

Stress less trea

Love this tea! I drink it every night before bed and feel it definitely helps me fall asleep. I’d recommend this to anyone that needs to relax after a long day of carring a big bump around!

Written by undefined on May 14th 2017

my go to tea

Days can get crazy and I love to start my mornings with tea. I tried some of the peaceful mama tea after giving birth and I've been hooked ever since. In the evenings if I am feeling stressed I will always reach for a mug to make some peaceful mama tea.

Written by Sarah on Dec 23rd 2016

Every mom needs this tea!

Peaceful Mama Tea is practically a staple in my pantry. It's so soothing and delicious! I seriously feel the anxiety, tension, and restless feelings melt away with every sip.

Written by teammama on Instagram on Apr 11th 2016

Peaceful Mama Tea

Your Peaceful Mama Tea is helping Me so much, I swear by having it before bed every night! I'm 34 weeks and have been struggling with Postpartum PTSD since 6 months pregnant with my 2nd Baby 2 1/2 years ago and was terrified of what this pregnancy might bring on and instead of sleeping better at night this far along since I started drinking this every night religiously, than I was in my second trimester!

Written by undefined on Mar 24th 2016

Love it !!

First time Mommy so there's lots of Anxiety and Sleepless nights and Kicking so this tea just calms my mind and let's me relax the night away !!! 3/24/16

Written by TryingAgain on Mar 11th 2016

Organic Peaceful Mama Tea

My Mom bought me this tea after we lost our first baby. I have never felt so good, so calm after a cup of tea..and I drink a lot of tea! I bought tons of EMAB products when we finally got pregnant and I have been impressed by every one of them! I can't wait to use these products when we try again! 2-25-2010

Written by Tera B. Oregon City, OR on Mar 11th 2016

Organic Peaceful Mama Tea

I went into work extremely irritated and stressed out one day. I decided to make a cup of Peaceful Mama Tea in hopes of calming my nerves. Amazing! Not even 1/2 cup later, I was all smiles, without the slightest bit of tension. It was great. I really enjoy it and am thankful for a product that actually works - and quickly! 7-17-2009

Written by Tamara Portland, OR on Mar 11th 2016

Organic Peaceful Mama Tea

I wanted to give you a rave review about Peaceful Mama Tea. I have been feeling overly stressed out recently and a friend told me to try Peaceful Mama Tea. I was amazed by how relaxed I felt after drinking this tea. 7-17-2009

Written by Stephanie on Mar 11th 2016

Organic Peaceful Mama Tea

During my 14th week of pregnancy, i stopped sleeping through the night. During my 16th week, i started drinking Peaceful Mama tea and slept 8 hours straight - it was a miracle! I ran out and didn't use it one night, didn't sleep well, and immediately went out to buy more. THANK YOU! 5-12-2011

Written by Rachel Spiker on Mar 11th 2016

Organic Peaceful Mama Tea

Love so many products but this one is so helpful to an anxious mama. Love it. 4-18-2014