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Simply Non-Scents

Earth Mama's truly unscented castile soap, lotion and deodorant for scent-sitive types.

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Sensitive-Skin people exhale.

Gentle, Clean, and Simple. Earth Mama's Simply Non-Scents castile soap, lotion and deodorant are effective, cruelty-free and truly unscented.

Simply Non-Scents Castile Soap

Some skin can only hang out with certain ingredients, so we made Simply Non-Scents Castile Baby Wash, a gentle liquid soap that’s effective, cruelty-free and truly unscented. Though it’s made with soothing calendula for snuggly li’l newborns and pregnant mamas, it’s not just for babies: it’s a safe, moisturizing hand and body wash for everyone in the family.

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Simply Non-Scents Lotion

Simply Non-Scents Baby Lotion is just what it sounds like: truly unscented, cruelty-free lotion that’s perfect for just-plain-sensitive or brand-new-to-the-world skin. Because here’s the thing: souls fresh from the womb are clear about their priorities. They’re more about feeling good than smelling good. And soft, moisturized skin is a big part of that.

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Simply Non-Scents Deodorant

Extra-sensitive skin? More like skin that feels all the feelings. Extra-empathic, introverted skin if you will. If this sounds familiar, you’re in luck: this cruelty-free unscented deodorant is just for you.

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