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Earth Mama's Partnership with PUSH for Empowered Pregnancy

Founded by stillbirth moms with a mission to end preventable stillbirths, PUSH for Empowered Pregnancy aims to empower every expectant family with the equitable, evidence-based medical care and education they need to advocate for a healthy pregnancy, giving parents and babies the best possible chance.

At Earth Mama, we get to see the joyful side of pregnancy, but we also deal with all the real issues, from the physical discomfort of morning sickness, anxiety, and hemorrhoids to the heartbreaking pain of pregnancy and baby loss, which is why we’ve partnered with this important organization.

To learn more about what you need to know about stillbirth and what signs to look for if you’re pregnant or know someone who is, visit the PUSH for Empowered Pregnancy website.

  • Heart Rock

    Grief Resources

    Finding support during grief can be challenging. We’ve compiled an extensive, well-vetted list of organizations and resources that can provide understanding and clarity for anyone going through the grieving process.

  • lavender

    What Do I Say?

    No one wants to say the wrong thing when a friend or loved one
    experiences pregnancy or baby loss. But knowing what to say when someone is in so much pain can be difficult. We’ve put together a helpful list of ways to express your condolences, through your words and your actions.

  • Forget-me-Nots

    Healing Hearts Baby Loss Comfort

    We created  Healing Hearts Baby Loss Comfort products in response to the reality that some pregnancies do not end happily. Sometimes words aren’t enough, so Earth Mama created these products to help friends and families show their love and support when they can’t find the right thing to say.

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Whatever reason you’ve found yourself here, we hope you find these resources helpful and comforting. You are not alone.