Organic Periodic Tea

Organic Periodic Tea

Organic Periodic Tea* is a delicious blend of organic herbs, featuring Cinnamon and Lady’s Mantle. These two herbs work beautifully together to help with bleeding, cramping and the hormone shifts we experience after birthing your baby AND placenta — and have also been traditionally used to support you during PMS and your period. Especially your first time with a monthly cycle.

Originally labeled “Postpartum Recovery Tea,” Organic Periodic Tea is a great assistant during birth recovery, and can be consumed within the first hour after birth. So, pack it in your hospital bag, or assign someone to brew a fresh thermos for you. (*Wink, wink. Delegate, sisters!) Drink as often as you feel necessary.

A beautiful way to honor a brand new mama? Bring her a pot of freshly-brewed Organic Periodic Tea. Whether you attend the birth or visit once the baby is born, this is a beautiful offering and a way for her to honor the new mother.

Pro tip: make a strong brew, with two tea bags.

* NOT for use during pregnancy. Enjoy during postpartum, with a generous side of baby snuggles.

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