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Herbal Balm

Earth Mama formulates herbal balms that are not only effective, but safe — wherever they’re applied.

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Formulated for pregnant & breastfeeding women — so safe for everyone.

These balms work, using trusted, truly clean ingredients proven by evidence-based research, whether it’s to soothe angry skin, help ease itches, or protect sore nipples. Certified by Oregon Tilth, with no petroleum, parabens or artificial fragrance.

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Organic Diaper Balm

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an organic alternative to petroleum jelly

Babies and toddlers have to battle drooly chins, dry cheeks and runny red noses, not to mention grumpy skin from colds and teething. Cruelty-free Organic Baby Face Nose & Cheek Balm was formulated to be comforting, soothing and moisturizing.

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For Surgical Wounds & Life's Mishaps

Crafted with love and science and made with organic herbs and oils, cruelty-free Organic Skin & Scar Balm is here to help cheer your skin on as it does its heroic duty.

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Safe, Soothing Eczema Relief

Thoughtfully formulated therapeutic itch relief due to eczema, rashes, poison ivy, oak or sumac and insect bites. All without the use of steroids, harsh artificial preservatives, petroleum, chemical sunscreens, or fragrances – none of which are friends to sensitive, already-angry skin.

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[ECZEMA CREAM] WON'T BUY ANYTHING ELSE. Actually insane how well this works. It feels amazing, it smells nice, and it doesn't take much to cover what needs to be covered.


[ORGANIC SKIN & SCAR BALM] MUST HAVE. What a wonderful healing balm!!! It's great to have on hand in any home — with or without children.


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