Organic Castile Soap

Cleaning you can trust, for hands, house and the whole family.

Earth Mama’s foaming castile soap is real soap, made with pure organic ingredients certified by Oregon Tilth. And it’s ideal for handwashing, all-purpose household cleaning, washing face masks, fruits and vegetables, making DIY baby wipes and yes, even bathing the whole family. Because castile soap does serious battle with germs — and during these times castile soap is a staple for every household. So whether you’re cleaning your hands, your baby, your vegetables or your kitchen counter, make it simple with castile.

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Earth Mama’s primary mission is to do no harm. For this reason, you’ll never find synthetic fragrance, foaming agents, emulsifiers or preservatives in Earth Mama castile soaps. Instead, Earth Mama formulates castile soap simply, with organic oils, shea butter and calendula.


• Carefully formulated to be safe and effective for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and their babies, so it’s great for the entire family

• Ideal for handwashing, AND the whole body

• NEVER ANY synthetic fragrance, triclosan, foaming agents, parabens or sulfates

• Made with organic herbs and oils, and third-party certified by Oregon Tilth

• Dermatologist tested and clinically tested for irritation

• Rated ONE on the EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database, the lowest hazard rating a product can achieve

• Castile soap is NOT no-tear. Earth Mama’s is packaged with a foaming pump to help it stay put, so it doesn’t slide into baby’s eyes

• Chosen by hospital NICUs for use with the most fragile people on the planet


Castile soap is an important ingredient to have on hand, especially now, both for hand and body washing, as well as making household cleaners, and even personal care products. Plus, you don’t need to be a scientist to make them.


Right now, we’re all acutely aware of the need to keep our homes and environment surfaces free of germs. More good news: Making your own household cleanser couldn’t be easier. Not only does it clean surfaces, this DIY household cleaner makes sure your safe shelter continues to stay safe — without becoming a toxin soup. This way, you can rest easy when your toddler licks the counter, and feel good about your baby’s tub time.


By the time your organic fruits and veggies make it to your kitchen, they’ve gone through a journey — and aren’t exactly sterile. Start your cooking prep by washing off what you can, with a safe recipe starring castile soap.


Baby wipes seem to be one of those items quickly disappearing from store shelves right now. We got you! Making non-toxic baby wipes only takes only a few minutes — and it’s an economical solution. You can make them reusable with an old flannel sheet or old cloth diapers. But the biggest benefit is that you’ll know exactly what you’re putting on your baby. All you need is some water, fabric or paper towels, castile soap and Calendula Baby Oil.


That stuff you’re washing your hands with? It might not be soap, but detergent. It’s easy to confuse the two, so here’s a quick primer.

Detergent is a synthetic blend of surfactant (to make it foam), emulsifier (to keep ingredients blended) and a preservative (to keep it from growing yeast, mold and bacteria).

True soap, however, is very different. It requires none of those synthetic additives. Castile soap is a saponified blend of acids (like organic oils) and base (like potassium hydroxide). When these acids and bases interact or saponify, the result is a naturally foaming soap that requires no artificial preservative, foaming agent or synthetic emulsifier. Instead, castile soap is a naturally sudsy soap, with a pH just high enough to not require the addition of preservatives.

So, Earth Mama encourages people to read labels, even on soap. If the list includes foaming agents, preservatives and emulsifiers, it’s not castile soap, but detergent.