Collection: Welcome to Your Extra New Favorite Deodorant

Looking for the best clean deodorant around? Meet the new Earth Mama Deodorant, now with no B.S. (Baking Soda, that is), and a shiny Eco Smart container, which begins to degrade in days, not decades. Featuring four popular flavors: Ginger Fresh, Bright Citrus, Simply Non-Scents, and Calming Lavender. This safe and effective natural deodorant was thoughtfully formulated for sensitive skin, pregnancy, and breastfeeding, but works on anyone with armpits, even stinky tweens. IYKYK.

  • Simply Non-Scents Deodorant

    A Natural Deodorant That Really Works

    Earth Mama’s Deodorant is a
    safe, natural deodorant that’s free from aluminum, propylene glycol, artificial fragrance, parabens, and potentially irritating baking soda.

  • Earth Mama Deodorant

    Try All 4 Earth Mama Deodorant Scents  

    Bright Citrus: This a vibrant scent will make you smile.
    Ginger Fresh: Bright, soothing deodorant for when you need a pick-me-up.
    Calming Lavender: A calming scent that can help where stress shows up first—your armpits.
    Simply Non-Scents: A truly unscented option for anyone with extra sensitive skin.

  • Travel-Size Natural Deodorant for On-The-Go

    Each pack contains all four popular Earth Mama natural aluminum-free deodorants, including Ginger Fresh, Lavender, Bright Citrus and Simply Non-Scents, which is truly unscented.


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