Why natural deodorant? We've got 3 smart reasons.

Why Natural Deodorant


What we put under our armpits is a big deal, which is why natural deodorant is so important. So much of what goes on, goes in, and considering your pits are connected to your lymph nodes (which are connected to your blood stream), the ingredients in your natural deodorant are a big deal.

So, if you’re wondering why natural deodorant, we can help you make an informed decision.

No fragrance (or the f-word, as we like to call it)

The natural deodorant you choose should be fragrance free. Why? Well, the word “fragrance” can be used to hide over 3000 chemicals – from parabens to phthalates to artificial preservatives to formaldehyde. And there’s no way to know which chemicals are nesting in there.

Earth Mama deodorants contain organic essential oils that smell good, so you smell good, without the toxins. They’re available in four scents: Bright Citrus, Calming Lavender, Ginger Fresh, and Simply Non-Scents (for those who don’t want any scent at all).

Thoughtful, safe ingredients for everyone and their mother

Whether you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or have sensitive skin, you want to ensure that the ingredients in your natural deodorant are safe for you and your baby (even if your baby is a stinky tween or teen).

Earth Mama deodorants contain organic ingredients that were thoughtfully formulated by a nurse/herbalist (who also happens to be a mother). We recently removed baking soda from the ingredient list since we know it can be an irritant for some individuals.

Better for the planet

Using natural deodorant, especially those containing organic ingredients can have a positive effect on the planet. And, when it’s packaged thoughtfully, natural deodorant can help limit your footprint.

Earth Mama deodorants are packaged in Eco Smart containers, which are designed to start decomposing in days, versus decades. And as a Plastic Neutral company, we partner with rePurpose Global to offset any recyclable plastic use by removing the same amount of lower grade plastics from the environment.

So, from avoiding fragrance to using safe ingredients, not to mention helping the planet, we hope the why natural deodorant question is a pretty easy one for you to answer.

Try Earth Mama’s deodorant, now with no B.S. (baking soda, that is), and Eco Smart containers, available in four popular flavors.

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