Hitting The Jackpot

Bump Squad mama Emilia on navigating one last pregnancy surpise.

Hitting The Jackpot - Earth Mama Blog

For as long as I can remember, I have only been interested in one career path and one path only...to be a Mommy.

Looking back on my journey to dream fulfillment is sometimes hard to do as it seems like it wasn't really my life. Meeting my true love at 18, basically growing up with him, marrying him seven years later and then getting started on that family I always wanted flew by. Trying, waiting, hoping, wondering, feeling frustrated, feeling angry, feeling empty...wait whhhaaattt?

Trying to get pregnant for three years was not an easy experience for me. For someone who ONLY WANTED TO BE A MOMMY and then was suddenly not be able to make it happen like everything else in life, was the most challenging obstacle I have ever faced,. Possibly, ever will face. But thankfully, for our situation, there was a solution to our specific fertility problem. It wasn't an easy decision to make, but I was unwilling to wait and see what would happen if we continued to be patient. Three years was pllleeennttty for me, I'm out. GET A BABY IN ME NOW!!!!

Frankly, IVF sucks. It sucks bad. The medications, the restrictions, the labels, the feeling like you cheated, the emotional rollercoaster of it all, but for me it was a means to an end. And what an end it was! In 2014 I was given the greatest gift of all, two perfectly healthy, 7 lbs baby boys. Delivered at 39 weeks!

Those two babies brought me great joy, but I wanted mmooorrreee. Knowing that we couldn't get pregnant without help, we tapped into our remaining embryos and in 2016 after 40 long weeks with twin toddlers, I gave birth to another perfect baby boy.

Then we faced a decision. While I had always wanted four, but my husband was content with three rambunctious boys. After many discussions and a lot of soul searching on my part, I decided that I couldn't do IVF again. It was too hard on my body and frankly, I felt pretty old considering I had three babies in two years. So, we embraced our life as a fivesome and looked forward to our next chapter as parents.

Then, it happened. Out of nowhere. I was pregnant. I NEVER would have dusted off that pregnancy test from 2013 had I not had my preggo "tell"...a bloody nose, well actually my second bloody nose in two weeks. I don't get them often, in fact I have only had two previous bloody noses, both only when I was newly pregnant.

After a blood test and ultra sound it was confirmed, there was in fact a six week old little nugget in there. It was our very own miracle! I had heard it happening to people time and time again, but to me it's like the lotto. You play, but you never think you will really WIN. And that is what I did, I hit the jackpot with a fourth little boy to complete my bunch.

As I navigate this surprising pregnancy filled with 90% happiness/excitement, 5% terror and 5% constant shock I can't help but smile through each chaotic moment, every pang of sickness and all belly flutters. My dreams have all come true. I am finally that boss mommy I have always wanted to be and could not possibly be filled with more love or gratitude.

So here we go, last pregnancy EVER (trust, my husband is going to the urologist). One last time to pamper my strong and capable body with only the best Earth Mama Products (who am I kidding, I am going to be using those long after this pregnancy) and cherish these months ahead.

I am thrilled to be sharing my special journey through Mama's Bump Squad and look forward to what is ahead. So here we go ya'll Baby Boy #4 in the houuzzee!

Hitting The Jackpot - Earth Mama Blog

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