Earth Mama’s Holiday Gift Guide: A Little Peace of Mind for Everyone on Your List

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The best gifts are the ones that’ll actually get put to use. With wellness top of mind, let them unwrap self-care this season with effective, cruelty-free herbal care. With something for everyone, you’ll be gifting soothing essentials that’ll become their comforting go-to's to help smooth out some of life’s rough edges. And because they’re mindfully formulated for what’s in them and what’s not, you’ll be giving a little peace of mind too.   


Ever notice how little ones love to mimic adults? Check out these stocking stuffer options that'll get put to use and let them feel "all grown up" with only good-for-you ingredients.

  • Lip Balm QuadrupletsFour flavors so they can pick their favorite for adorably moisturized lips (lavender is a winner for that calming bedtime routine). Totally edible without the worry.
  • Organic Elderberry Immune Tea — Tea party anyone? Kids will think it’s just a tasty drink, but you’ll know better. Nice one, Mama. Elderberry Immune Tea is a treat for your immune system, and your mouth. Hello yummy! Elderberry Immune Tea tastes like Mother Nature herself served you a glass of fruit punch (minus the sugar and artificial colors, of course).
  • Organic Castile SoapsIn big bath-time bottles or small travel sizes for their play purse, this foamy soap is sure to be a hit. Gentle, germ-busting and smelling delightful, soap beards are sure to happen.

    Tweens & Teens

    All of a sudden, they’re so much more grown up (sniff) and their holiday gift wish list has drastically changed. Here are some things they likely need, but will never ask for ;-)

    • Lip Balm QuadrupletsFour flavors for options & backups. Highly moisturizing and oh so soft on the lips, they’ll make the perfect stocking stuffer. No parabens, petroleum or fragrance.
    • Organic Periodic TeaWhen periods start, this will help. Brew her a cup of comfort to help ease symptoms of PMS and cramping. With a delicious cinnamon taste, it might just turn into a ritual mom & daughter share together.
    • Calendula Baby OilTo soften and hydrate skin after all those “how long have they been in there?!?” showers. Can be used as a great makeup remover, too!
    • Deodorant MinisGive your not-so-little-one the gift of safe stink protection (iykyk). In travel-ready sizes for on the go access in soccer bags, purses, backpacks and overnight bags. Made without aluminum, fragrance or parabens because what goes on can go in.

    Pregnant Mom

    Growing a human is beautiful, but not always easy. Surprise the expecting mama in your life with something made just for her unique pregnancy journey using ingredients she can trust.

    • Belly BundleBelly Butter + Belly Oil will be her new favorite pampering go-to's. Made with luxurious organic oils and herbs, they work double time to nourish skin that’s tight, dry and itchy from stretching to accommodate baby. 
    • Pregnancy Pampering Gift Collection (Exclusive!) —  Celebrate her bun in the oven, pea in the pod or joey in the pouch with essentials hand-chosen specifically for mom's journey into motherhood..
    • Postpartum Gift Collection (Exclusive!) Recovery essentials for all the swollen, sore and hard-working lady parts that helped bring that little miracle here.
    • Mama & Baby Gift Collection (Exclusive!) — It's a whole new world for both of them. Nurture them with essentials to soothe, clean and comfort the new family.
    • Organic Nipple Butter/Vegan Nipple ButterA must-have jar of moisturizing, lanolin-free nipple soothing goodness. Mindfully formulated so there’s no need to wipe off prior to nursing. BONUS: her dry lips, elbows and heels will thank you too!
    • Organic Peaceful TeaA warming cup of tranquility for expectant mamas. Safe to drink during all stages of pregnancy and beyond, it’s made with organic herbs traditionally known to help ease tension and promote a sense of calm.
    • Lip Balm QuadrupletsFour flavors to fit her mood. Oh so soft on the lips and highly addicting, they’ll make the perfect stocking stuffer. Plant-based with no artificial flavors.
    • Lady Face Tinted Mineral Sunscreen SticksSay hello to toxic-free makeup that double as safe mineral sun and blue light protection. These tinted sticks glide on smooth, provide buildable coverage that evens skin tone and reflects the rays without chemicals. Cruelty-free and reef-safe.
    • Ginger Fresh Castile Body WashNoses can be sensitive and have superpower abilities during pregnancy. Ginger, lime and grapefruit essential oils offer a fresh, welcoming scent in this moisturizing wash without synthetic preservatives, foaming agents or fragrance.

    New Baby

    Celebrate and welcome new little ones with love & organic herbal care products formulated specifically with them in mind. Baby’s soothed and happy, and mom’s at ease knowing they’re safe.

    • Baby Love Gift Collection (Exclusive!) — A collection of products made to pamper the most delicate people, our babies.  But don't be surprised if those collection isn't a great fit for your teenager too. 
    • A Little Something for Baby Gift Set — An adorable 5-piece set with herbal care essentials for baby. All in travel sizes so they’re great for the diaper bag and visits to see grandma too.
    • Organic Baby Face Nose & Cheek BalmA go-to essential that helps keep baby’s skin soft and protected from runny noses, drooly chins and cheek chap. An organic alternative to petroleum oil, it’s comforting and moisturizing for all the parts.
    • Calendula Baby Oil Infant massage can help baby and caregiver bond and this oil helps soften and moisturize skin with just 3 safe-for-baby ingredients. No mineral oil, parabens or artificial fragrance. Perfect for dry, scaly skin too!
    • Organic Castile Baby WashesMild and gentle enough for a newborn’s first bath, these baby washes are made with pure organic ingredients for a moisturizing, effective clean you can trust. Never any synthetic preservatives, foaming agents or fragrance.
    • Baby LotionsSmooth and moisturizing blends of organic butters and oils, these lotions help keep baby’s skin soft and hydrated without worrisome ingredients. Fragrance-free or smelling yummy with organic essential oils, somehow the baby ends up even more delicious!

    The Hard to Shop For

    We all have at least one on our list: someone who is seemingly impossible to buy for. The good news: Earth Mama products are formulated for everyone and their mother, so there’s something for all. Who doesn’t love a bundle of healthy goodness to pamper and feel good?

    • Calendula Baby OilThis hydrating oil is not just for babies! It can be used to soften skin, moisturize after shaving and to nourish beards.
    • Organic Diaper BalmThis is the Swiss army knife of balms and it’s not just for little tushies! Great for itchy toes and chafed spots after workouts.
    • Organic Skin & Scar BalmGot some rough and tumblers on your list? This balm is a staple to help support the body’s healing work on cuts, wounds, burns, surgical spots and existing scars.
    • Eczema CreamAn absolute must for the constant scratcher, providing immediate itch relief to irritated and eczema prone skin. Steroid-free and with 5% organic colloidal oatmeal it’s earned the National Eczema Association’s Seal of Acceptance.
    • Organic Castile SoapsEverybody’s gotta wash! Introduce them to their new favorite, truly clean soap. For bodies, hands and so much more! They can also use these germ-busting yet gentle cleaners for bathrooms, kitchens, produce, makeup brushes and masks.

    Worry-free options for all those who are so important to you. May your holidays be full of love, cheer and all the good things this season.

    Earth Mama's Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone and Their Mother
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