Belly Butter and Belly Oil

Hello bump, goodbye toes.

Let’s talk about that adorable baby bump; specifically, its itchiness. Oh, and stretch marks too. Because there’s nothing that will completely prevent them if you’re genetically predisposed to them, but you can certainly help bolster your skin’s natural elasticity.

So as your gorgeous baby bump grows and you quickly lose sight of those familiar feet, we’ve got you (and your stretching skin) covered. Earth Mama formulated both Belly Butter and Belly Oil with organic borage oil and orange blossom pure essential oil to help encourage that natural elasticity in the skin. These two products also contain organic herbs and oils traditionally used to help ease the appearance of emerging stretch marks.

So the only question is: Belly Oil, or Belly Lotion? It’s all up to personal preference; whether you’re team oil or team lotion, we’ve got you covered.

Want to understand stretch marks and itchy skin associated with pregnancy more? Click the links below: 

Side note: while the name says “Belly,” we know the rest of you is expanding as well. Feel free to slather anywhere you need to: boobs, thighs, tired and swollen ankles (hey, both are great for foot rubs…just sayin’) — basically, everywhere you need it.

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